Travel to Morocco

how does S'TOURS prepare your return ?

At a time when the Covid-19 outbreak is still raging, new trends in tourism are emerging around the world. Because it is up to us, tourism professionals to adapt to the needs of your travelers, prospects and customers, the S'TOURS team is already anticipating the future. On the menu ? Greener, authentic, clean and curious trips to Morocco by a team more motivated than ever. Nothing less is needed to re-launch the travel virus !

Greener trips to Morocco

With the new norms of social distancing, your prospects and customers are increasingly inclined to avoid crowds.

Goodbye overcrowded vacation villages, crowded beaches and overcrowded urban spaces ! Wide open spaces, cities on a human scale and fresh air are the focus of S'TOURS trips to Morocco.

Do they dream of a peaceful retreat in a secret oasis in the Deep South ? They are attracted by an escape in an authentic Rif valley ? They already see themselves treading the desert expanses of the Erg Chegaga ?

One contact : S'TOURS and their wishes are granted.

Tailored Moroccan escapes

The lockdown has highlighted the importance of family and social ties in our lives.

The result ? Small group travel is gaining in popularity.

Are your clients eager to share quality time with their loved ones on their next trip to Morocco ?

Our travel designers have thought of everything.

Activities adapted to tribes, trips with friends, group travel and fully customized escapes are the common thread of our post-Coronavirus creations.

More eco-friendly trips to Morocco

By raising fundamental questions about our relationship with nature, the pandemic has paved the way for an era of greener travel.

S'TOURS answer to travelers concerned about reducing their carbon footprint ? Moroccan escapes that are more eco-responsible and sustainable.

It's a good thing because the Kingdom is full of experiences anchored in the "organic, local and seasonal".

An adventure in the Moroccan Atlas ? An active vacation in the open air ? A stay in an eco-lodge ? Locavore meals ?

Rest, S'TOURS takes care of everything.

Barrier measures, hydro-alcoholic gel and wearing a mask... Covid-19 has created new habits that are not lost on the trips set up by our DMC in Morocco.

The management of flows in hotels, sanitary precautions in transfers and the placement of tables in restaurants are all part of our new travel offers in Morocco.

Our goal ? To deliver you Moroccan escapes 100% compatible with the protocol of sanitary protection set up by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

Slower Moroccan journeys

It's a trend that existed long before the arrival of the coronavirus in our lives, but that the lockdown has radically accelerated.

In a daily life dominated by the influx of information, solicitations and digital addictions, the need to disconnect is very real for a growing number of travelers.

This is the opportunity to offer them the break they are looking for.

Saharan trekking, farniente stay, mule trip, bike trip or kite-surfing initiation ?

Our travel consultants have everything it takes to satisfy your clients who want to redefine their relationship with time.

After weeks under virtual house arrest, travelers yearn for a well-deserved breath of freedom.

What better than a road-trip through Morocco to meet this legitimate need for escape and autonomy ?

Great loop of Morocco, coastal tour, discovery of the Great South or combined self-tour ?

Let us know what they want to discover, we'll take care of the rest.

Meaningful trips to Morocco

Giving meaning to vacations is no longer an option but an injunction in 2020.

Because our job is not only to put together tourist services but to create experiences in line with travelers desires, we have imagined for you 1001 possibilities.

What do you think makes your customers tick ?

Because it is a fact. Anyone who wishes to understand the world and to confront the diversity of cultures has no other choice than to cross borders. Even if it means crossing them less often... but more reasonably.

All this implies traveling less but better.

In other words : no longer "consuming travel" but living it.

A great way to give back to travel its original values of openness, exchange and sharing.

In short, all the values we have always defended at S'TOURS.

Preparing your return to Morocco ?

Yallah !