Group travel in Morocco

Your most beautiful travel stories come to life

A BIG THANK YOU for this group travel in Morocco that we are not ready to forget. The hotels, the meals, the choice of the route and the passionate guide always caring : everything was perfect from A to Z. We already recommend the same trip to everyone.

What tour operator, producer or travel consultant doesn't dream of receiving more frequent customer feedback like this ?

However, you who are a tour-operating professional know that the day-to-day reality is not always so idyllic. Between customers who are more demanding and over-informed than ever and offers that struggle to reinvent themselves, selling escorted trips is becoming increasingly complicated.

The key to capturing and retaining customers who are looking for more authenticity, originality and flexibility in the purchasing process is added value.

That's why, at S'TOURS, we offer you a little more than just standardized tours with fixed itineraries... We deliver a rare and unique experience of organized travel in Morocco that fills your customers with satisfaction at each achievement.

Accompanied escapes
to suit all desires

Entrust your projects to our dedicated team and access a wide selection of turnkey or custom itineraries. Constituted groups, grouped individual groups, guaranteed departures or human-sized tribes ? S'TOURS group travels in Morocco instantly revive the charm and conviviality of accompanied itineraries.

Imperial cities

Discovery tours


Thematic itineraries

Seaside Stays

Great Moroccan South

Adventures in the Atlas

Customized extensions

Big trips

Whatever the size and nature of your groups, we welcome all your requests.
So let's talk about it !

The ingredients for an unforgettable
group trip to Morocco

Whether they are members of an association, a club, a works council, a group of friends or a group of travelers, your clients want a little more than a simplified organization. Our receptive agency in Morocco responds with an infinite and always renewed range of soulful extras that leave lasting memories in their minds.

A good dose of authenticity

  • Live in immersion in a Berber village
  • Bivouac in the Moroccan desert
  • Participate in a cooking workshop like over there
  • Vibrate during a festive evening
  • Initiate yourself to the Gnawa rituals
  • A hint of sensations

  • Venture out on a mountain bike in the Atlas Mountains
  • Play a round of golf
  • Raft down wild rivers
  • Fly over Marrakech in a hot air balloon
  • Experience quad biking in the palm grove
  • A pinch of originality

  • Meet a Moroccan master calligrapher
  • Dive into the rituals of a Sufi brotherhood
  • Unlock the mysteries of Morocco's medicinal plants
  • Taste the best Moroccan wines
  • Discover the secrets of Marrakech with a writer
  • Everything becomes possible and easy with the support of S'TOURS, specialist in group travel in Morocco.

    So, challenge us.