Sports event in Morocco

A strength by your side

What if creating a sports event in Morocco would amplify the craze around your club, your association, your brand or your product ? Yes, three times yes !

But on one condition... To win the game, you must rely on an infallible logistics. At the risk of missing your objective.

This is where our S'TOURS MICE agency in Morocco Scomes in.

Running, hiking, soccer tournament, trail, cycling, golf championship or sailing competition ... Whatever your sport, the nature or the scale of your event, we give the best to propel your sports event to the top of the podium.

As a sports organization, a company, an event designer or a federation, you can't ignore the emotions that make your audience's heart vibrate in unison.

These thrills are only a foretaste of the great project that awaits you. Now it's up to you to get the ball rolling and start writing its history.

Your sporting event in Morocco : where you want, when you want

With its enchanting climate, its bewitching desert, its Atlas Mountains and its coastline, Morocco offers a playground like no other to give wings to your project. Whether you are at the stage of reflection or reservations, our champions of the organization of sports events in Morocco take up the challenge with endurance, accuracy and perseverance.

Your sporting
event in

Your sporting
event in
the Atlas

Your sporting
event in

Your sporting
event in
Dakhla / Laayoune

Your sporting
event in

Your sporting
event in

Wherever you choose to go, our event team is ready to unleash your passion for sports. Now it's up to you.

On your marks, get set, go !

All the ingredients to create
victorious sports event

The support of S'TOURS is the sesame that inspires, simplifies and amplifies your sports event experience in Morocco. These selected pieces are only a sample of the know-how offered by our MICE specialists, always on the starting blocks to meet your challenges.

A good dose of preparation

  • Undertake the necessary steps with the local authorities
  • Support your sponsorship and financing operations
  • Develop participation packages for major sports events
  • Set up sports coaching sessions
  • Concentration and physical fitness
  • A pinch of organization

  • Manage the travels of the official delegations
  • Coordinate the security of your sporting event in Morocco
  • Mark out the competition and / or the course
  • Perfect the signage of your event
  • A blast of creativity

  • Create the atmosphere and the festive ambiance
  • Conceptualize the sequence of events
  • Organize the before-and after-party of the event
  • Invent the trip that goes with the sporting event
  • Everything becomes possible and easy with the support of a specialist in the organization of sports events in Morocco. So...

    3, 2, 1... GO !