Customized travel in Morocco

The ultimate customization

You, the custom escape experts, are faced with 1001 possible scenarios every day when you pick up your phone. A canceled group, an overbooked plane or lost tickets and in a second, you're in a stressful and urgent situation.

And then comes that call that instantly erases any feeling of sweaty hands, trembling heart, or wobbly knees. That call is from your client, still amazed by the tailor-made trip to Morocco that you have planned for him.

As you listen to him tell the story of his trip to the land of the setting sun, your mind is jubilant. And you smile from the corner of your lips... Because you know instinctively that a trip that leaves a lasting impression calls for others, then others and others.

Our travel designers help you to avoid missing out on those fruitful and exciting conversations that precede the most successful and lasting relationships with your clients.

You'll love checking in with your clients after their trips to Morocco.

Escapes designed
to satisfy all desires

The desires of your customers are the common thread of our personalized creations. The result ? The tailor-made trips that bear the S'TOURS signature are like no other. Entrust your escape projects to our consultants in tailor-made trips to Morocco. The field of possibilities opens up to you instantly.


Adventure in the Atlas

Tailor-made tours

Family vacation

Escape in the desert

Sports trips

Seaside getaway

Whatever the desires behind your customer project, we welcome all your requests, so...
Let's talk about it !

A tailor-made trip to Morocco
that bears the stamp of the unforgettable

Because your customers are more than ever in search of authentic and personalized experiences, our teams deploy their imagination every day to shape unique creations made of selected pieces. These soulful extras are only a sample of the possibilities that our agency has in store for you in Morocco.

A good dose of authenticity

  • Live in immersion in a Berber village
  • Discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine
  • Bivouac in the desert
  • Learn about pottery
  • Relax in a traditional hammam
  • Participate in the renovation of a country school
  • A hint of sensations

  • Ride on the beaches of the coastline
  • Play a round of golf
  • Experience kitesurfing
  • kayak on the Bou Regreg river
  • Practice rafting
  • Fly over Marrakech in a hot air balloon
  • A pinch of originality

  • Discover the art of tadelakt
  • Meet a master calligrapher
  • Unlock the mysteries of saffron
  • Taste the best Moroccan wines
  • Vibrate during a festive evening
  • Stay in a charming camp
  • Everything becomes possible and easy with the support of S'TOURS, specialist in tailor-made trips in Morocco...

    So, challenge us.