For logo , the quality management is a part of the Company’s culture and strategy , aiming at offering their clients many services that meet their expectations.

Our quality policy is defined around our values:


Our main orientations are:

  • Excellence: Meet the requirements and the needs of our national and international environment and also our partners to ensure an excellent reputation worldwide.
  • Quality: Master the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard v 2015 and improve the deployed processes to increasethe efficiency and satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  • Engagement: Promote a responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism
  • Social: Enhance our human capital and increase the loyalty of staff by being focused on respect, equity, social dialogue and recognition
  • Security: Develop a proactive strategy in order to ensure an entire security for our clients.
  • Sustainability: Maintain the “quality of behavior” of our staff, by facilitating the information and the communication that allows everyone to define and manage its role in the organization of s’tours

Our vision :

By a responsible, social and consolidated tourism, we want to bring some added value to the harmonious development of the sector.

Our mission :

Through our commitment to the excellence of our services, we record the quality management in our DNA and business strategy to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers